Scientific Literature Storage Department

Head of the Department

Kamatska Tetiana Mykhailivna


Drahomanova Street 5
Lviv, Ukraine, 79601
Phone: (032) 239-46-24
Email: [email protected]

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 19.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 19.00
Sunday – Day Off

Scientific Literature Storage Department is a structural subdivision of the Scientific Library and provides the organization and storage of the funds in the main book depository and delivery of books to the readers.

The main tasks of the Department are as follows:

  • Book checkout on readers’ demand and on demand of the structural subdivisions of the Scientific Library;
  • Accounting and analysis of book loans and their denials;
  • Registration and transfer of literature to the Affiliated Funds of other departments for temporary or permanent use;
  • Maintaining of topographic indexing of affiliated funds;
  • Revision of the Main Stock;
  • Selection and decommissioning of the obsolete, secondary and worn out books;
  • Compliance with the sanitary-hygienic and fire regulations in the book depository.


  • National and foreign literature;
  • Private collections of Tadey Vilchynskyi, Bohdan Vynar, Yaroslav Holub, Bohdan Horynia, Myhaylo Zynia, Ihor-Petro Syroid, Petro Chyrvinskyi;
  • Maps and atlases;
  • Isographic;
  • Theses abstracts;
  • Dissertations defended in Ivan Franko National University of Lviv;
  • University students’ diploma papers left for permanent storage;
  • The curriculum of educational courses and annual reports of educational institutions in Halychyna until 1939;
  • Microfilms (microcopies);
  • Periodicals.

Structure of the Department:

  • Hygiene Sector
  • Scientific Literature Decommissioning Sector

Work of the Department is performed by the staff of 9 people: T. Kamatska, N. Overko, O. Naslidnyk, I. Chaika, Y. Rybakova, L. Muravska, V. Melnytska, T. Trofimova, O. Tkachyk.

History of the Department, interesting facts

The Scientific Library is one of the oldest libraries in Ukraine that will celebrate its 410th anniversary in 2018.

The Library’s cornerstone is the book collection of the Lviv Jesuit Collegium (1608), which laid the foundation of the Book Storage Department history. 

The basis of the main book depositary in the following years were the donations of bourgeois and noble families, books published by Lviv publishers as well as the books with universal content from different countries (1734 – 12 000 items). Unfortunately, there is no detailed information about the equipment and library stock of that time. Only a few books and manuscripts were preserved. At present, they are collected in the Department of Manuscripts, Old Printed and Rare Books.

In 1784 the Library was included into the University and the Book Storage Department moved to the Church of the Transfiguration on Krakivska Street (former Trinitarian monastery) and contained 11000 items of scientific literature after the fire in 1734.

The book depository was replenished due to the right of an obligatory book copy if the book was published in Halychyna (during 1807 – 1920, and since 1920 – 1939 with obligatory copy of books published in Poland) and by literature purchases, but because of the fire in 1848, approximately 11 000 books out of 50 000 were left in storage.

As an obligatory and indispensable part, the heart of the Library, since 1952 the Book Storage Department was relocated to a new university complex (now Hrushevskyi Street) containing literature written mainly in German, even works of the classic writers of French and English literature were received only in German translations.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the modern building was constructed on Drahomanova Street. It met all the library requirements of that time and had a six-store book depository. On May 8, 1905, the library was relocated and remains there until nowadays.

The Department has an elevator constructed in Austria to ensure faster book delivery.       

From 1939, the Book Storage was filled up with the steady flow of Soviet publications. The book stocks of some closed Polish establishments and institutions were also transferred to the Library.

During the Nazi occupation, the glass dome of Book Storage was completely destroyed by bombing and about 40000 items of the most valuable and rare books were taken out by Nazis. Only after the end of the Second World War building reconstruction and re-establishing of stocks were initiated. In 1945 – 440 000 items, in 1955 – 1000 000 items, in 1958 – 1250 000 items.

The book depository of the Scientific Literature Storage Department consists of the Fund of Soviet publications – books and magazines in Russian and Ukrainian issued after 1940 that covered a wide range of social and Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Literary Studies, Philology, Journalism, and Bibliography (the periodic issues were rendered to the newly created Periodicals Storage Department). It also contained Foreign Issues Stock represented by periodicals and monographs on History, Philology, Law, Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the 17th – beginning of the 20th centuries, Polish studies and others; Valuable and Rare Issues Stock from the end of the 16th – beginning of the 20th centuries.

After the inventory at the end of 2008, the library fund of the main book depository included 1639 030 items.

On November 1, 2017, the library stock contained 1 724 440 publications and periodicals.

In the labyrinths of stacks: photos