Informational Technology Department

Head of the Department: 

Barabash Taras Mstyslavovych

Address and contact information: 

Drahomanova Street, 17
Lviv, Ukraine, 79601
Phone: (032) 239-42-42; (032) 239-42-43 
Email: [email protected]; [email protected]  

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 17.00
Saturday, Sunday – days off

Informational Technology Department of the Scientific Library was created in 1991 aiming at creating an Integrated Automated Library Informational System.

From 1994 the establishment of the base of full bibliographical descriptions of new acquisitions was initiated. In addition, the project “Electronic mail in the Scientific Library of Ivan Franko State University of Lviv” (1997) and the pilot project “Automated Informational System of the Scientific Library of Ivan Franko State University of Lviv” were implemented.

During 2001-2007, the works on the development and implementation of the automatic library system GALS (Global Administrator Library System) were conducted together with the company TSENITEKH (LLC “New Informational Technology Center”). At present, hardware and software complex provides full automation of library and bibliographical processes and contains a wide range of workplaces configurations.

From 2018 the introduction of a new program product “UFD/Library”, an automatic library informational system (ALIS) was launched. It is developed and supported by “Ukrainskyi Fondovyi Dim” (Ukrainian Fund House) (Kyiv). The system is meant for the comprehensive library automation. In Ukraine, more than 200 installations were completed, mostly at universities, public and department libraries. 

During 2008-2011, the employees of the Department took part in the development of an open electronic archive of Natural and Exact Sciences of the Scientific Library, “Eureka”, and the open electronic archive of the scientific materials of the humanitarian nature “Anthropos”.

Information Technology Department provides all the departments with computer equipment and necessary support, conducts system administration of the library network, and maintains proper functioning of the Internet. The Department organizes consultations and workshops for employees on how to work with their personal computers and master new software. The Department also deals with the proper functioning of workplaces, installs software and repairs different equipment. All the library users have access to free Wi-Fi access points. 

Together with the fund “Kryla Nadii” (Wings of Hope), The Informational Technology Department implements the project of the Scientific Library that aims at facilitating the services for readers with disabilities (partially sighted). This project involves the converting of educational and fiction literature into its acoustic version. 

In the Scientific Library of Lviv University, the reading rooms are equipped with computers, readers have an opportunity to use electronic catalogs, the electronic version of “The Handwritten Catalog of Publications up to 1941”, an electronic library in the local environment, and different databases. 

The Department is working on the establishment of electronic repository of manuscripts and incunabula. In particular, during 2016-2018 the Department conducted organizational events and prepared technical assignemtns in order to install modern scan equipment “Zeutschel” together with the Rotary Club “Lviv-Ratusha”.

Principle work guidelines:

  • Automation of library and bibliographic processes;
  • Software and hardware maintenance;
  • System and web administration;
  • Development and support of the Library’s website;
  • Establishment of electronic library and electronic repository of manuscripts and incunabula.