Department of Acquisition and Account of Scientific Literature

Head of the Department: 

Yefremova Liudmyla Oleksiivna

Address and contact information:

Drahomanova Street, 17
Lviv, Ukraine, 79601
Phone: (032)-239-43-07
E-mail: [email protected]

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 17.00
Saturday, Sunday: Days off

In accordance with the areas of University work, the Department of Acquisition and Account of Scientific Literature conducts scientifically grounded formation of funds in the Scientific Library with official documents, national and foreign publications. Also, the Department registers and technically processes the literature received and stored by the Library. 

The number of employees in the Department had been changing constantly. In 1945 it consisted of 3 people and accessions to the funds included 9 538 items, all in all, 700 000 volumes in the funds.

The Department consisted of 3 Sectors: Book Account, International Book Exchange, and Intra-Soviet Exchange. The Department received up to 650 parcels within a year (the mandatory right to receive a book copy, book exchange).

In 1946 funds were replenished with 14 555 items and the staff consisted of 5 people, in 1998 – 6 people and 19 545 new acquisitions, 2 419 of which were periodicals.

The current book depository includes 2 331 184 items. Currently operating Sectors – Sector of Acquisition, Book Exchange, and Periodicals.

The Department also includes the Sector of Educational Libraries’ Acquisition – the subdivision of the student library. For many years the Department was headed by experienced and dedicated people. In particular S.S. Naumov and B.V. Helias.

In 1999 the Department was split into two parts – the Department of Acquisition and the Department of Accounting and Inventories headed by O.M. Demska-Kulchytska and H.Ya. Ukhanska.

In 2004 these Departments were united into the Department of Acquisition and Account of Scientific Literature. The Sector of Scientific Literature Acquisition also became an independent unit. 

Department Staff

Head of the Department: Yefremova Liudmyla Oleksiivna

Department Structure:

  • Sector of Book Account:
    Head of the Sector – Chornenka Nadiia Yevhenivna
    Librarian of the 1st category Paslavska Nataliia Orestivna
    Bibliographer of the 1st category Danyliv Mariana Petrivna
  • Sector of Periodicals Acquisition:
    Head of the Sector – Kaznacheeva Tamara Mykolaivna 
  • Sector of Book Exchange:
    Head of the Sector – Sprynska Tetiana Ostapivna
    Chief Librarian – Hapiak Olha Orestivna

18 284 items were added to the funds for the current year. The book depository of the Scientific Library embraces 2 680 062 units.

The main principles of acquisition: quality, scientific approach, operational efficiency, prompt acquisition and transfer of documents. 

Acquisition of literature is performed in accordance with specific purposes: scientific, educational, popular-scientific, as well as literary and artistic publications. 

Work guidelines:

  • Acquisition of the Library funds with the publications that come in line with the interests of University using different sources of accession;
  • Purchase and acceptance of donated items on traditional and electronic storage devices;
  • Exploration of the market of periodicals with an aim to fully fulfill the informational demands of the readers;
  • Subscription to national and foreign periodicals and replenishment of the periodical funds;
  • Technical processing and transfer of new acquisitions to the Library subdivisions;
  • Accounting of the Scientific Library fund: a series of operations that ensures storage of data concidering the volume, structure, and movement of the fund;
  • Implementation of book exchange with partners of the Scientific Library: national and international book exchange;
  • Participation in the international cooperation and strengthening of cultural bonds with the Ukrainian diaspora;
  • Distribution of periodicals of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv in accordance with the existing legislation.

Sector of Book Exchange spreads publications of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv and the Scientific Library among partner libraries. Within Ukraine, there are 95 partners and 67 abroad. 

Head of the Sector – Sprynska Tetiana Ostapivna

Phone: (032) 239- 46-69

We welcome all the libraries interested in book exchange to cooperate!