Department of Cultural and Promotional Work of the Scientific Library

Head of the department: 

Loshtyn Nazarii Tarasovych, PhD in Historical Sciences

Department staff: 

Kmet Viktoriia Serhiivna, PhD in Philological Sciences, Librarian of the 1st category.
Shypka Zoriana Mykhailivna, Librarian.

Address and contact details:

Lviv, Ukraine, 79601
Drahomanova Street 5
Tel.: (032) 239-45-17
Email: [email protected]

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 17.00
Saturday, Sunday: Days off

History of the Department: 

The Department was established on the basis of the Sector of Ideological and Educational Work in 1980. In the years of its existence, it was renamed several times: the Department of Ideological, Educational and Mass Work (1980-1981), the Department of Mass Work (1982-1989), the Department of Cultural and Mass Work (1990-1993), the Department of Cultural and Promotional Work (since 1993).

Former heads of the department: Svitlana Filonenko (1980–1981), Iryna Yakimova (1981–1995), Iryna Chaika (1995–1996), Lesia Rupniak (1996–1998), Uliana Stetskovych (1998–2008), Roman Lavrentii (i/c in 2008-2015, 2015-2017).

Work guidelines: 

The department organizes and conducts cultural and promotional events in the Scientific Library that popularize the Ukrainian book and help students in a teaching and educational process.

It establishes external relations of the Scientific Library with an aim of presenting and popularizing the most valuable books and documents from its funds, forming an interest to the library and publishing business, etc.

It provides methodical and practical assistance in the arrangement of book exhibitions and running educational events in the Library, University as well as other cultural institutions in Lviv.

It covers cultural and educational events of the Scientific Library in the mass media: press, radio, television, and informational Internet publications.

The department conducts chronicles of cultural and educational events of the Scientific Library on the pages of periodical “Visnyk of Lviv University. Series Bibliography, Library Science and Information Technologies” and the archive of events on the Library’s website.

It provides thematic consultations to the readers of the Scientific Library and issues the exhibit books.

It organizes and conducts thematic excursions in the Scientific Library.

The department conducts lectures and workshops for the first-year students of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv.